Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Did Obama Come Out Against Unions?

While campaigning in Maryland this past week about his stance on the government shutdown, Obama made the following analogy about Republicans: He claimed a person working for a company who was not happy and decided to stop working would and should be fired. In other words, Republicans unhappy with ObamaCare who stop doing their other job functions should be fired. But isn’t this analogy contradictory to Obama’s beliefs about unions. People who are unhappy at work because, for instance, they do not have healthcare or their healthcare is not good, in the past Obama and liberals would claim these people have the right to unionize and stop working until they get better healthcare coverage. So are Republicans following Obama’s union beliefs and sticking to their core principals or do they follow Obama’s Presidential belief that they are overpaid extremists who need to be fired. Face it; Obama lives in a state of constant confusion, contradiction, and hypocrisy.

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