Friday, October 11, 2013

Liberal Science: Money

Liberals claim to be the Party of science. Part of this claim is due to the fact many Conservatives are religious and or have strong faith based beliefs. And since liberals believe in evolution, they claim they believe in science and conservatives do not. But liberals cannot say with any certainty conservatives are wrong about the existence of higher beings. Besides, most conservatives agree that religion and evolution can coexist since evolution is God’s plan. All this being said, I have seen very little evidence liberals understand the first thing about science. In fact, liberals not only think money is the answer to all scientific problems, but money can be used to overcome or change scientific theories.

In the Supreme Court ruling for Citizens United, the court ruled that the government could not limit campaign contributions. Liberals argued that money is not free speech. However, the meaning of the first amendment, thanks to many liberal decisions by the Supreme Court, has expanded over the decades to not only include freedom of speech, but freedom of expression. And no one can debate that money is used to express people’s feelings on a daily basis via the purchase of gifts, products, and services.

This is typical liberal philosophy: They want to impose limits on how people and companies can spend their hard earned dollars. But at the same time, progressives expect people to pay more in taxes so the government can raise more revenues. And what do liberals expect the government to do with your hard earned dollars? They want them to use money to end climate change and to alter the theory of evolution. Even if climate change is manmade, I do not care how much the government deficit spends to alter science; there is not enough money in the universe for this to happen. And then there is the theory that the government can redistribute wealth and eliminate poverty. In other words, redistribution of wealth can eliminate the theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, and the statistical normal distribution. And despite redirecting trillions in wealth over the past several decades the result are mindboggling – wealth distribution in the U.S. remains unchanged.

This progressive theory about the power of money is beyond crazy – it is idiotic and or arrogance. To think wealth and money can change the naturally occurring events on this planet is at best na├»ve. Liberals may argue that money is not free speech and there is no such thing as a God or faith. But at the same time Liberals want to use or redistribute money as if it is the answer to all their prayers and the solution to end climate change and eradicate evolution. If liberals believe money is this magical than they may as well pray to God, it is much and cheaper and a wiser solution to these problems.

The day money changes the Earth’s climate, eliminates poverty, and ends evolution is the day the world comes to an end.

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