Monday, January 27, 2014

The DOJ's Blatant Bias

Here are a few of Eric Holder’s biased decisions (crimes?) while running the Department of Justice (DOJ):

  • The DOJ refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who intimidated voters outside a Philadelphia precinct during the 2008 election.
  • The DOJ gave more civil rights to enemy combatants and terrorists than American servicemen accused of any crime.
  • The DOJ picked and choose which federal laws they will enforce. The DOJ refused to enforce federal marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington. At the same time they have sued states for (supposedly) not following federal law for immigration.
  • The DOJ has sued states over election laws (even though each state is allowed to make its own laws). The DOJ claimed voter suppression even though minority voting is at its highest levels ever. The reason for this is because of state voting laws increasing the time people can vote and allowing people to vote via the mail.
  • The DOJ picked and choose which parts of federal law the will enforce. The DOJ filed suit against Arizona’s immigration law, but at the same time immigration amnesty states and cities have faced no such scrutiny.
  • The DOJ targeted conservative reporters to find White House administration leaks. However, the New York Times (NYT), which leaked several national security stories on the killing of Bin Laden and the Stuxnet computer virus that was used to slow Iranian nuclear aspirations were not targeted at all. This proves the NYT leaks were intentional by the White House.
  • The DOJ took sides on the Trayvon Martin case and introduced race into the subject even though race was never brought up during the trial.
  • The DOJ supported gun control laws including mandatory background checks even though the DOJ only investigates fewer than 1% of all fraudulent gun applicants.
  • The DOJ hid behind executive privilege over the failed ATF Fast and Furious program that led to the death of hundreds of Mexicans and a U.S. border agent.
  • The DOJ signed off on the expansion of the NSA metadata program.
  • When asked difficult questions about DOJ scandals Holder continuously claims “he knew nothing about it”. In other words, claiming incompetence is better than being responsible and accountable.

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