Monday, May 4, 2015

As the World Burns, Obama Worried about his Legacy

I cannot remember a more chaotic time in my lifetime. I realize how lucky I am to be alive today, because the security situation in our country and around the world continues to worsen.

While Obama is busy negotiating with rogue terrorist countries such as Cuba and Iran, the world is burning. This, Obama believes, is his legacy. Obama care more about himself than the welfare of others – this is obvious.

Obama, the man who is supposed to transcend race does not care that his race baiting administration has blood on its hands for supporting violent protests across the country. First, Occupy Wall Street soiled our parks and now violence and looting are taking place in St. Louis, New York, and Baltimore. Each time the catalyst being the police killing of a black citizen. Whether the killing was justified or not, our problem solving skills in this country are severely lacking. Violence is not the answer. And our administration likes to pour gas on an already burning fire.

In the Middle East and Northern Africa Iran sponsored terrorist groups such as Taliban, Al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS tear apart Yemen (remember Obama’s example of a Middle East success story), Iraq (another Obama success story), Syria, and of course Palestine and Israel.

In previous years, uprisings in Libya and Egypt have made their governments less stable and supporters of state sponsored terrorists such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our relationship with Afghanistan and Pakistan have deteriorated over the last several years. Yes, not only did we lose the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban, we have lost the respect of local governments.

What is Obama doing to quell all this violence, chaos, and volatility? Negotiating new treaties with Cuba and Iran. Treaties that they do not intend to honor. A treaty that does nothing to stop Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions. A treaty they will use to buy time as they continue to sponsor state wide terrorism to overtake Iraq and Israel.

What have we gotten in return for Obama’s apologies and empathy towards the Muslim world? More violence including the movement towards eradicating the region of Christians. Of which, Obama has done nothing, said nothing, and offered nothing.

What possible good can come from peaceful countries being overtaken by radical Muslim terrorists? And why is our government and allies sitting on the sideline letting it happen.

Many Jihadists claim that is just a matter of time that Muslim rules Europe. Their plan is use “the wombs of women” to generate a population explosion. That and of course terrorism.

And if all this is not bad enough, Russia is flexing its muscles in Ukraine. Putin is using a weak President to take advantage of the situation in Europe.

No President has been a bigger failure than Obama on foreign and domestic relations between ethnicities and religious factions. Multiculturalism is further than being a reality than any time in the past several decades. Why? Because we have a president that sides with Evil over Good. Palestine over Israel. Radical Muslim over Christianity. Russia over Ukraine. Chaos over Democracy.

Unless Obama gets a spine, violence and chaos will continue to escalate in the U.S. and around the globe.

Odd how the media gave daily death counts on the Iraq war under Bush, but they fail to cover the death count of global citizens from Obama’s inaction to thwart global genocide.

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