Saturday, July 4, 2015

Political Haste and SCOTUScare

On issues that require immediate attention Obama is slow to act – for instance, ISIS – it has been over a year and he has yet to put a plan in place to defeat the terrorist group. On other non-urgent issues the President and liberals like to act quickly without giving the topic much debate to formulate a good plan. Obama and Congress did this with ObamaCare – they acted hastily without reading the legislation. The result was a bad law that was failing to meet everything that was promised – it would lower insurance premiums, care would get better, patients can keep their doctors, and so on and so forth. We all know the big lie. The Supreme Court has twice saved the law. Obama and liberals have no one to blame but themselves for the many challenges to the law. If they were not in such a political haste then someone would have read the law and corrected the questionable wording.

In the first challenge to ObamaCare the Supreme Court ruled the law Constitutional and called the mandate a tax. But the justices also said that the federal government could not coerce states into participating in ObamaCare and they therefore did not have to set up their own insurance exchanges. Hence, many states opted out of the law which created the current dilemma in the second case of ObamaCare before the Supreme Court. In King v. Burwell the Supreme Court had to decide if ObamaCare subsidies can be given to individuals (and families) in states that did not set up insurance exchanges. The law explicitly states only people and families from states that created insurance exchanges are eligible for subsidies. The four words are clear in the law: “established by the states”. However, only 16 states have set up their own exchanges but that has not stopped the IRS handing out ObamaCare subsidies for people and families in the other 34 states. Why ObamaCare remains legal in the view of the Supreme Court remains a mystery, but all of these challenges could have been avoided if political haste was not used. As Scalia proclaimed in his dissent ObamaCare should be known as SCOTUScare.

Obama has used executive orders to bypass congress and pass other laws hastily such as immigration reform, climate change, and gun control. These efforts are futile because executive orders can be abolished by the next President. Hence, using executive orders to write laws is not only useless it is idiotic. But this is a common theme of the current political landscape: not to take the time to write good laws, but pass anything as expediently as possible with no regards to its consequences.

Obama and liberals also act hastily with their mouths – especially after horrific events. They love to politicize tragedies. They did this with the Charleston massacre calling out for gun control. Unfortunately, the proposed gun control laws by Obama and liberals would not have stopped this tragedy. Other liberals blamed the killings on the Confederate Flag that still flies over the South Carolina Capital building. Do not get me wrong, Governor Haley did the right thing by finally removing the flag, but let’s be clear the Confederate Flag had nothing to do with the killings. Political haste, especially without facts, fails to solve problems, but worse yet it potentially create new ones. Obama used the N word in an interview on the subject – which once again does nothing to solve a problem. We should expect more from our President instead of introducing more vitriol into the subject. This proves Obama is a problem creator not a problem solver.

Instead, Obama and liberals alike would learn more by listening to the family members of the victims of this terrorist attack. These are the most amazing people I have ever listened to. Less than 24 hours after the massacre these people had nothing but forgiveness in their hearts and it brought the community closer together than ever before. These people have united the community while the press and liberals want to divide and place blame on guns, flags, Republicans, and Fox News. Political haste is destroying our country. It is divisive. It is wrong. But let me be the first to admit, that I am not as good as those people in Charleston. If someone murdered my family I would never be so forgiving. That being said, I doubt I would blame the problem on guns, flags, Republicans, and Fox News. As an educated man, I know more and more people are being brainwashed and indoctrinated by hate speech on the internet. Just this month alone, 10 Americans have been arrested for plotting against America – indoctrinated by ISIS on the internet. And let’s not forget that many people knew Dylann Root was a troubled young man and did nothing to help him. We need to do more about hate speech, but that is hard because it is protected by the first amendment. And we need to do more about mental illness in this country – it is an epidemic. Both are not easy problems to solve, but they had more to do with the events in Charleston than those liberal targets: guns, flags, Republicans, and Fox News. This is just political haste and not thinking before acting.

Now Obama is acting hastily to set up a nuclear treaty with Iran. Obama does not care what is in the treaty, only that one is reached. You see his legacy is more important than national security.

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