Friday, July 24, 2015

The Wacky Left

Sure, the right has its side show in Donald Trump (and yes, it is even scarier that he leads in many polls). But the Left is out of control and no one seems to care. Democratic, presidential candidate Martin O’Malley has apologized for saying “all lives matter” and then the next day claimed climate change led to rise of ISIS. So basically, all lives do not matter (especially White ones) and he invented a new fearmongering science overnight.

Meanwhile, Obama has refused to reach out to any of the military families who lost loved ones in the Chattanooga terrorist attack (and he has refused to call it a terrorist attack). He still has not recognized the murder of a young women by an illegal alien in a sanctuary city (San Francisco – which violates federal immigration law that Obama refuses to enforce) – which supports O’Malley comments that White lives do not matter (we know this because Obama only opines about White on Black crime – Charleston massacre, Trayvon Martin, Henry Louis Gates, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Eric Gardner to name a few). In fact, under Obama, Black on White crime has increased by 13% for violent crime. The end result of Obama’s policy of only politicizing black on white crime (and in most cases, a crime was not committed): Riots and chaos. Do we still think Obama can transcend race, especially when he invokes the N word? All of this is just one week removed since Obama caved to Iran to agree to a treaty that will eventually yield an atomic bomb. And let’s not forget Iran is the biggest reason for Middle East instability because they are a state sponsor to dozens of terrorist organizations including ISIS. The Cuban embassy opened on U.S. soil after decades of being banished for supporting terror and civil rights violations (which incidentally still happens daily). So yes, negotiating with terrorists and civil right violators is the Obama administration’s key foreign policy achievement to date.

If all of this is not bad enough, Obama is proposing to place gun control on people who collect social security benefits through executive order. I do not see how this is remotely constitutional.

Hillary Clinton was showing off her ignorance by demonizing trickle-down economics with false facts. It is almost comical as she defended Big Government spending Keynesian economics after 6.5 years of one failure after another by Obama (ObamaCare, Stimulus, etc.).

Two videos surfaced of Planned Parenthood doctors profiteering off the tissue of aborted babies. And what’s worse Democrats are still defending this organization. They should rebrand themselves with a new name: Avoided Parenthood. If this was a legal or transparent process doctors would not be negotiating prices, there would be a documented table of prices.

I would never join a political party and the above issues are why. We are being brainwashed by politicians into thinking terrorism, civil injustices (including abortion), fearmongering by using fictitious science, Keynesian economics is the only way to run a country (big government), and only minority lives matter are not only the correct way of thinking, it is the only way to think.

And all of this happened just over the past few days.

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