Friday, August 28, 2015

2016 Election is about Instability

Where there is instability, there is worry, fear, and anxiety. Today, our country and the globe is filled with instability. The earth is actually a very stable planet, without such stability life could not exist. For instance, without the moon’s gravitational force the earth’s rotation would be erratic. This would cause such widespread variances in our global climate it would be impossible to grow food crops. The moon is the perfect size to yield the optimum gravitational force to control the Earth’s rotation around its axis. This, in turn, leads to our stable climate with four predictable seasons. The Left would lead you to believe climate change is the biggest global instability we face; that is not true. In fact, our climate and weather patterns are much more stable and predictable then other things happening in our country and around the globe:

1. The FED claims our economy is stable so much so they are considering an interest hike. However, global market instability in China and Europe (Greece) has made our markets as volatile as ever.

2. There are more people out of the labor force in over 40 years (masking the true unemployment rate), wages continue to be low, and more people working part time jobs has questioned the stability of millions of families in our country. Job and economic growth have been weak in the Obama years. Much of this can be explained by the destructive nature of ObamaCare and government regulations.

3. The threat of terrorism around the globe, especially in the Middle East, has always been high. Now, the threat at home is bigger than it’s been before. ISIS and other radical groups continue wage jihad on innocent civilians around the globe and at home. Terrorist organizations have put together armies of people brainwashed with propaganda, recruited through social media, and have nothing to lose and therefore are willing to die for their cause. This is new and larger breed of terrorism threatening stability in the West.

4. The biggest State sponsor of terrorism, Iran, was just given a sweetheart deal from Obama that will enable them to pursue the nuclear bomb, eliminate economic sanctions, and provide them billions of dollars in charity to continue to fund terrorism. In fact, one could argue there is more global unrest today since World War II: More wars, terrorism, economic turmoil, and poverty.

Unfortunately, many of the candidates in the 2016 election bring with them more question marks than answers. Hence, they are unknown quantities and therefore bring more instability. And people are drawn more to these instable candidates then ones with proven track records. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are prime examples of this. Do we really want a billionaire egomaniac running our country? Trump may be the most selfish and instable character ever to run for President. Trump is worse than a flip flopper. Trump is a narcissist and every decision he has made in his lifetime is what is best for him and not for his company and employees. Sanders is an outspoken Socialist. Do we really want the instability of all the changes a socialist President would bring to this country? It could be orders of magnitude worse than Obama. And it is the weak Obama Presidency that is to blame for getting us into this instable environment.

Joe Biden is a buffoon, unable to put two sentences together without offending someone or making some false claims. Hillary Clinton is more than likely a felon who put our national security at risk to cover up her inept leadership on issues such as Benghazi. And they are two likely candidates to win the Democratic nomination.

It is sad, but there is an excellent chance the next President will bring more instability than even Obama. I understand that Americans are fed up with Washington politicians, but that does not mean they should forget their sense of reason and select a candidate that is naïve, a criminal, moron, or worse yet a socialist.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Obama Prejudice?

Is Obama Prejudice? I believe so and this is why he does not transcend race, religion, or any gender gaps. It is why the country is more divided on these issues then it has been in decades.

If I where President and only inquired about civil liberty injustices in cases where Whites were murdered by Blacks or Hispanics – I would be viewed as a bigot. So why is the opposite not true? In fact, in most cases that Obama has opined and interfered with the DOJ the White person was vindicated of all charges. Obama only cares about White on Black crime. He does not even care about Black on Black crime. Everything from the Cambridge incident to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the Charleston massacre. Obama invoked the N word when talking about the Charleston massacre while relatives to the victims talked of forgiveness. To think prejudice and bigotry are one-sided issues is completely ignorant. Everyone regardless of ethnicity and gender is capable of prejudice.

If I where President and went after Sanctuary states and cities on immigration policy and failed to make states and cities with stringent immigration laws follow federal laws – I would be viewed as a bigot. So why isn’t the opposite true? Obama only enforces the parts of federal law on immigration he likes – and this is wrong.

If I where President and refused to call out Jewish or Christianity acts of terror I would be viewed as biased. So why aren’t Obama’s actions of calling out Jewish and Christian flaws, but failing to recognize the terror imposed by millions of Muslims around the world acceptable? He is merely covering up and justifying the horrific acts of terrorism committed each day by these barbaric peoples. This does not say ALL Muslims are extremists and or terrorists, it just calls out the small fraction of people. After all, without the help of law abiding Muslims condoning and joining the fight to stop extreme Islam, the fight will be difficult.

If I where President and declared a war on White Men, I would be viewed a bigot. So why then is it acceptable to declare a war on women or anything else Obama deems as an injustice. But who is really discriminated against in the U.S.? White men with better grades and credentials can lose a job opportunity or a spot in a college to a far less qualified person. Is this equality or fairness? Of course not, but it is in the liberal mind.

Instead of treating everyone in the country equally regardless of race, religion, or gender, liberal fairness treats everyone in the country differently. It is prejudicial treatment and actions, yet no one calls Obama out for being the bigot he is.

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Life may not Matter, but my Taxes do?

The new movement “Black Lives Matter” does not seem to like it when others opine that “All Lives Matter”. Let’s face it; if I created a group that said “Old White Male Lives Matter”, I would be pegged as a racist. Thus, according to the Black Lives Matter movement, my life does not matter. Truth be told, when I am gone very few people in the grand scale of things will care. I am an ordinary person who did not achieve extraordinary feats to make me famous.

All that being said, we live in a society that rewards bad behavior while being a stand out citizen is not even noticed. I have been an exemplary citizen – never taking a penny from the federal government and paying more than my fair share in taxes and charitable contributions. I am accountable for my actions. I do not blame others for my mistakes and shortcomings. I am responsible and charitable. But none of this means a thing to our government or racists organizations such as “Black Lives Matter”.

If my life does not matter, I wonder if the government would let me stop paying my taxes? Absolutely not (So my life does matter, but only when it comes to the State garnering their fair share of my wages)! I wonder if the government would let me choose where my tax dollars go because I do not want to give a cent in welfare assistance to folks living in Ferguson MO, Baltimore MD, or anyone who has ties to “Black Lives Matter”? No, the government would not give me that option. Why then do I have to turn on the news to find groups of racists like “Black Lives Matter” spew their hate towards others and talk as if it is okay for someone to murder me or a another person because they White. These groups have a very narrow focus and are very short sighted because they do not understand that a plurality of those Black Lives that matter, live off the hard earned dollars of hard working people. And without these other groups of people, they too would not exist. That is the cold hard truth about the situation.

The government may revoke the non-profit status away from any organization that does not embrace the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling. They are infringing on their first amendment rights because they view them as bigots breaking the law of the land. Well, what is the difference between bigoted organizations such as Black Lives Matter or citizens breaking the law in Ferguson and Baltimore by destroying property, assaulting police officers, and looting stores? Why aren’t they being penalized for their actions?

I am willing to help anyone who is willing to help themselves and be stand out citizens. I am sorry, but I did not see that in Ferguson, Baltimore, or the behavior of the Black Lives Matter organization. These people should watch the actions and listen to true black role models. No, I am not talking about race baiting leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Barack Obama. No, these people would learn a thing or two by listening to the victim’s families in the Charleston massacre. I know I learned a lot by listening to these people. I learned I have a lot more room for improvement as a human being than I previously thought. We are all flawed, but those families in Charleston are the least flawed human beings I have ever had the honor of listening to. I wish I could funnel my tax dollars to help these families directly. Although, they probably would not accept it.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Debate Proves Trump IS a Political Insider

I have written extensively about that there is little difference between most big corporate managers and politicians. Both corporate managers and politicians would do anything to better their career, power, and retirement accounts at the expense of the company and its employees and the American citizen respectively. Trump specifically points out several cases in the first Fox News debate how this is true.

First, Trump explains how the vicious cycle of money works in politics. He claims he donates money to every politician and expects favors at a later date – a kind of quid pro quo process of lobbying that is destroying this country. Trump may not live in DC, but he has millions of dollars in the pockets of DC politicians. This is no different than the sleazy politics of the Obama administration. Take the Solyndra or other green company scandals for instance. The politicians of these companies provided cash to the Obama administration in return for a larger sum of tax payer money in the Stimulus. The result: they went belly up costing the taxpayers billions while both parties lined their pockets, retirement accounts, and campaign accounts with millions of dollars. This is the vicious cycle of money through lobbying that is destroying this country, and Trump admittedly partakes.

Secondly, Trump went on to brag about how he uses loopholes in laws or tax codes to his advantage. When questioned about going into bankruptcy proceedings four times Trump explained how he took advantage of laws to better his company at the expense of taxpayers. Trump basically admitted he will stoop to any level to better himself and his company. As president can Trump be trusted to be a hypocrite and reform laws he has openly taken advantage of? I seriously doubt it!

Trump is no different than any other politician: an egomaniac narcissist willing to step on whomever gets in their way. Trump is a DC insider because he is connected at the hip with dirty politicians.

Forget that Trump was schooled during the primary. For instance, Rubio explained how it is not Mexicans coming across the U.S. border in droves, but Latin Americans. Forget the fact that Trump was shown as a non-Presidential joke every time he opened his mouth. I laugh at Trump the same way I laugh at Biden every time he opens his mouth – they both continually misspeak. Forget all these issues with Trump, and remember he is a political insider.

I suggest if you want to vote for political outsider consider Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina. Both seem much more polished and not the polarizing figure that Trump is. Trump will do more to divide the country than to bring us together to solve problems. If you are angry at the way things are going in this country; that does not mean you have to vote for a nut case in protest. There are plenty of good candidates that have a record of attacking the system head on. For example, Scott Walker, took on Unions in Wisconsin and won. Trump is a farce and may be just as sleazy as Obama and his Chicago style politics.