Friday, September 25, 2015

What is the U.S.'s Biggest Threat to National Security?

What is the U.S.’s biggest threat to National Security? Well, it isn’t terrorism or Iran. It‘s the man who won’t stop them – Obama and his administration.

1. ISIS is growing and expanding its powers around the world yet, Obama has done very little to stop it.

2. The Obama Iran treaty will essentially give them a nuclear bomb and enough money to sponsor thousands of more acts of terrorism around the globe.

3. Obama clearly favors Islam States over Israel. And it should not be about religion, it should be about Democracy over terrorist dictatorship states.

4. The Middle East is more chaotic than ever before.

5. As violent crime and murders have reached their highest level in decades in the U.S., Obama continues to fuel the violence through his black prejudice. Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement blame Whites and the police for the killing of black residents. Remember, Obama only speaks out (and usually wrongly without facts) against Whites or police injustices including the killing Black citizens (Louis Gates, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, the Charleston massacre, and so forth and so on). Obama never says it is an injustice when Blacks kill Blacks, Illegal aliens kill anyone, Blacks kill Whites, Terrorists kill Americans (he refuses to call them terrorists), or Blacks kill police. Obama prejudice is fueling the crime spike in America.

6. Obama’s Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) committed a felony and used a private email server without proper encryption to transmit national security issues.

7. Obama told us Al-Qaida was dead and we learned that was not true. They are alive and well.

8. Obama has recognized terrorist states and states that fail to heed to basic civil liberties of its citizens – Iran and Cuba.

9. The Obama DOJ comes down hard on States which have tougher immigration laws than federal statutes, but it fails to enforce federal laws against lenient sanctuary cities and states.

10. The Obama administration has done nothing to secure the U.S. – Mexican border. In fact, Obama immigration executive actions have led to a drove of immigrants crossing the border – mostly children.

11. Russia has been militarily aggressive in reclaiming some cold war satellite states including the Ukraine and Georgia. Obama has done nothing.

12. Obama negotiates with terrorists and state sponsors of terror. For instance, he negotiated for the release of deserter Beau Bergdahl for 5 Taliban terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. It was already mentioned he negotiates with countries that sponsor terrorism and genocide - Cuba and Iran.

13. Obama has already stated the biggest threat to national security is climate change. This is a naïve leader with his priorities in the wrong area.

14. Obama has already given terrorists the same rights as American citizens – the right to a trial in our justice system. Remember, military members accused of committing a crime are not afforded these rights. Yes, terrorists have more rights than our military personnel.

15. Obama’s strategy to kill insurgents via drone attacks and not to capture them has led to a huge hole in intelligence. Obama is more concerned about closing Guantanamo then capturing terrorists and using enhance interrogation techniques to garner information.

Friday, September 18, 2015

GOP 2nd Debate: Fiorina Wins, Trump Loses

Here is how the candidates in 2nd GOP debate finished:

1. Fiorina – She stood up to Trump and won every battle and showed more substance than any other candidate especially on foreign affairs and dealing with Russia and Putin - which is surprising because she is an outsider.

2. Rubio – He was steady and was second in terms of substance. He did not get into any fights, but he corrected Trump.

3. Christie – He can tangle with anyone and his demeanor was fantastic. He did not overreact which many thought he would. And he tried to put a stop to the debate format of trying to pick fights between candidates – or at least arguing with substance.

4. Huckabee – Many thought he had a weak night, I did not. The governor rightly pointed out that touting successes is not what a debate should be about. It should be about solutions to help Americans. He is smooth and the most articulate person the stage.

5. Bush – He was in many fights with Trump and won most of them. He defended his brother successfully and went after Trump for trying to legalize gamming in Florida under his watch.

6. Paul – Stuck to his Libertarian views and I thought he called out the hypocrisy of other candidates when it comes to the 10th Amendment and the enforcement of marijuana laws.

7. Walker – Talked the least, but needed to talk more. Had a good moment when he smashed Trump saying “we do not need an apprentice in the White House”. He is my favorite candidate, but he has struggled trying to gain traction and formulating plans. He should focus on how to take down big labor in the U.S. – that is his strength. 8. Kaisich – Probably the best rounded candidate experience wise – Congressman, Governor, and private sector experience. He touted his successes continually. He lost the debate on Iran and the current Obama agreement.

9. Carson – Not a terrible night, but his substance is lacking. He schooled Trump on vaccination studies. He makes some great points, but he does not have enough substance to back them up. 10. Cruz – He seems so fake to me and everything he did seems so scripted, including sucking up to Trump about immigration. He lost his only real fight with Bush about Supreme Court nominees – namely Chief Justice Roberts. Cruz slams Roberts, but Bush reminded him he supported Roberts nomination.

11. Trump – He lost about every battle he had and as the night wore on and the substance of the debate heated up, Trump was nowhere to be found. He was stale and he continues to put forth the same dog and pony show with no additional substance. It is obvious he does not study up on issues like the others – especially outsiders like Carson and Fiorina.

Friday, September 11, 2015

What Really Matters to Liberals

Black lives matter, if and only if, they are killed by a white person, especially a white police officer. Other than that all other lives do not matter: black on black crime, police officers shot in the line of duty, citizens attacked by illegal immigrants, aborted babies, and so forth simply do not matter.

Planned Parenthood matters even if they have broken the law using federal funding for campaign contributions or selling aborted fetuses without consent.

The first amendment and free speech matter only if you agree with their opinions.

Political correctness and being offended easily matters to avoid debate over issues.

The murder of Americans by guns only matters for political reasons to push gun control.

Using the race card matters to avoid debate and to divide and polarize Americans over ethnicities for political purposes.

The war on women debate matters to divide and polarize Americans over gender for political gains.

Changing the meaning or adding new definitions to words matter to win debates.

Negotiating with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism matters.

Protesting violently matters to make a point and garner attention.

Climate change matters because fear mongering is a useful tool to polarize and divide the public for political purposes.

Green energy matters because it proves propaganda and brainwashing are useful tools for political gains.

Blaming others and taking credit for others success matters because it is a useful tool to win debates.

Islam and atheist matter but other religions do not matter.

Most lives may not matter but their taxes matter.

Welfare matters even though it has done nothing to correct poverty.

Hypocrisy matters if they can get their neighbors for believe and fight for their causes.

Individual accountability and responsibility do not matter so long as they defend their causes.

Narcissism and not admitting to mistakes matters.

Getting annoyed and being a problem creator and not a problem solver matter – after all, having the know how to negotiate and solve problems would bring unity.

Understanding only one side of problem or issue matter.

Pretending to understand math and science does matter to mask incompetence.

Hating corporations and loving the government matter.

Expecting the government to intervene in our way of life matters even at the cost of our freedoms.

Bullying matters so long as it not done to them.

Race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio economic status matter to put labels on citizens to divide and conquer for political gains.

Perceived fairness matter equality does not matter.

Politicizing events matters so long as it defends their goals and objectives.

Lying at all costs matters to defend the cause.

Friday, September 4, 2015

ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood

ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood are mutually exclusive. As more people enroll in ObamaCare it should render Planned Parenthood more and more obsolete. After all, once people have medical insurance, there is no reason to be using free clinics or services provided by Planned Parenthood, right? You would think that to be the case. After all, who in their right mind would go to a free clinic when they could possibly go to a leading medical center for help?

However, there just does not seem to be many truths out there when it comes to ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood claims that each year they have more and more usage of their facilities throughout the U.S. and continue to expand at the expense of taxpayer funding. On the other hand, the Obama administration claims to have signed up over 10 million people for ObamaCare insurance the past two years. If 10 million people were taken of the uninsured list, then why is Planned Parenthood growing?

There are probably many answers to this question. First, ObamaCare is not signing up many of the uninsured that the welfare program had intended. Instead, ObamaCare is more than likely signing up mostly people who already had insurance but lost it due to ObamaCare logistics or maybe a few that found a less expensive plan in ObamaCare exchanges. Secondly, it is highly feasible that ObamaCare numbers are being inflated.

One argument to defend ObamaCare would be the closure of free clinics and Planned Parenthood saving the taxpayers some money. But that is not happening only illustrating that ObamaCare is a failure. But we know the left would fight to keep these facilities open even if ObamaCare was succeeding on any level.

It is baffling how an operation such as Planned Parenthood remains open. Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who wanted to control the African American population through abortion. This barbaric objective remains alive to this day since a vast majority of their clients are black minorities. Yet, Sanger is revered as a hero by the Left and the Smithsonian contains a bust of her on display. The Left may as well see the KKK and its members as heroes! Oh wait, they do, Senator Robert Byrd was treated as a hero for 50 years as a West Virginia Senator. Now we have learned that Planned Parenthood has monetary incentives to push couples or women to have an abortion since they are profiting off the sale of fetus organs. And of course, a large portion of Planned Parenthood taxpayer funding is used to contribute to Democratic political campaigns. Why would any Democrat want to do away with an organization that greases your wallets? And finally, who is going to look after the medical wellbeing of illegal aliens if free clinics or low cost medical operations such as Planned Parenthood closed?

ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood should be mutually exclusive entities. However, the Left will never let that happen. Hence, the Left’s narrative for the War on Women will never go away and they will defend Planned Parenthood forever. I like to refer to them as Aborted Parenthood. After all, there is no Parenthood if there are no babies, right?