Saturday, January 16, 2016

Over 100 Failures of the Obama Presidency (Part I)

Listed below are over 100 failures of the Obama administration: Foreign Policy

1. Hillary Clinton – The worst Secretary of State in the history of the U.S. She did more harm and did not have one tangible success.

2. Libya – Obama moved unilaterally to go to war in Libya (without congressional approval) to support the opposition movement using an air strategy outlined by Sid Blumenthal (a Clinton advisor not on the State Department payroll). Although the opposition movement won, Libya is now more unstable than when it was control by Qaddafi. In fact, Libya is now a safe haven for terrorists.

3. Benghazi – Four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, were killed when our embassy in Libya was attacked. Clinton and Obama lied about the attack to protect Obama’s reelection effort. Worse, Obama never sent any help and left Americans to die. And if that is not bad enough, no one has been held accountable for failing to provide Stevens the security he requested over 600 times.

4. Russia – Putin has moved into Crimea, Ukraine, and now Syria. Obama and Clinton did nothing about this Russian aggression. In fact, this is the most aggressive the Russians have been since the end of the cold war. It is obvious that Putin senses weakness in Obama.

5. Syria – Assad used chemical weapons in the civil war and crossed the Obama red line and he did nothing about it. Assad remains in power even though Obama has gone to war unilaterally again (without congressional approval) to oust Assad and fight ISIS. Obama missed an opportunity to arm the Syrian opposition movement early on before ISIS got involved.

6. North Korea – They are moving closer to a nuclear bomb. Obama has done very little to stop their effort.

7. Iraq – Obama inherited a stable and democratic Iraq. He withdrew troops too fast and now most of Iraq is now controlled by ISIS. This may have been Obama’s biggest foreign policy mistake.

8. Afghanistan – Obama did a troop surge and quit the strategy before it had a chance to work. Now Afghanistan is more unstable than it was when the war started. The Taliban is as strong as ever.

9. Somalia – Obama claimed that Somalia was a success story in the fight on terror. Now it is so unstable that the US withdrew its Embassy. Somalia is also a safe haven for terrorists.

10. Iran – A US treaty with Iran has essentially given them a fast path to a nuclear bomb plus billions of dollars that they can use to sponsor more terrorism around the globe. Iran is already the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world. Obama also missed an opportunity during the Arab Spring to help the opposition force oust the Iranian government.

11. Israel – US – Israeli (the only true Democracy in the Middle East) relations are the worst they have been in decades. Obama has turned his back on Israel time and time again while catering to Islamic states.

12. Egypt – The once moderate country is now controlled by the terrorist group – the Muslim Brotherhood.

13. The Arab Spring – This was a complete and utter failure because Obama had no presence on the ground to influence the government outcome from these revolutions. Obama wrongly assumed that the new governments would be better than the old governments. A big mistake.

14. Cuba – Obama has improved US / Cuba relations – that is the good news. The bad news is that Cuba is still one of the biggest civil rights violators in the world.

15. Military Strategy – After years of pondering, Obama still has not voiced a clear decision on how to win against ISIS, the Taliban, or any terrorist group for that matter.

16. Nobel Peace Prize – Obama won the award in his first year of office. He came into office managing two wars with the Iraq War nearing a conclusion. He will leave office with three wars raging and both Iraq and Afghanistan are in worse shape than when he entered office.

National Security / Terrorism

17. Fort Hood – Obama denies the attack at Fort Hood was a terrorist attack.

18. Failing to Secure the Southern Border – Drugs, illegal immigrants (and probably terrorists), criminals, and guns are flowing from Mexico to the US with virtually little resistance.

19. ISIS – Obama’s dismissal of ISIS as being a JV team was wrong and now they are the biggest terrorist threat to the U.S. and they are growing at an alarming pace using internet propaganda. In fact, it is believed that as many as 1000 Americans have joined ISIS and there is no real plan to stop them from reentering the US.

20. Al Qaida and Taliban – Obama proclaimed that both Al Qaida and the Taliban were dead or on the run during his 2012 campaign. We know that this narrative is not only false, Obama intentionally knowing lied about it.

21. Cyber-attacks – Chinese cyber-attacks have routinely infiltrated our government networks providing the Chinese government with important documents including the private information of millions of government workers.

22. Hillary Clinton – The Secretary of State used an unprotected server to conduct business – sending hundreds of emails with national security information over the network.

23. Guantanamo – Obama lied that he would close the base. In the meantime, he is freeing as many terrorists as possible, with little regard to national security, in an attempt to close the prison.

24. Drones – Obama expanded the Bush administration drone program. This strategy has led to a high number of collateral damage killings (killing of innocent civilians).

25. Bowe Bergdahl – The Obama administration negotiated with terrorists and then traded five al-Qaida leaders for one army deserter. This one is a real head scratcher. First, America should not negotiate with terrorists and secondly, the lopsided outcome of the deal shows Obama should not negotiate with anyone!

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