Monday, February 1, 2016

Over 100 Failures of the Obama Presidency (Part III)

52. Regulations and Mandates – The Obama administration is not the biggest regulatory White House in history however, the dollar impact from Obama regulations are by far the most intrusive.

53. Supreme Court – Obama’s winning percentage on 133 cases heard before the Supreme Court is 47%. That is over 10% lower than any other President since FDR. This proves Obama has been trying to expand his executive powers.

54. Substantive Due Process / Social Justice / Partisanship – Most of Obama’s biggest legislative wins were done so in a partisanship way, and decided in the Supreme Court by imaginative Constitutional theories through substantive due process to provide social justice.

55. NASA – The only government agency that generates patents and technological advances was killed by the administration.

56. Race to the Top – Obama’s education program (which incidentally was not passed by Congress, but showed up in the Stimulus) creates more bureaucracy – more testing and less emphasis on learning (subjects such as history, geography, languages, etc. are no longer a focus). This is a classic example of paralysis by over analysis and arrogance that the federal government believes educations fits into a “one size fits all” mentality.

57. Fairness Doctrine – Obama wanted to infringe on free speech and freedom of the press by limiting conservative talk on the radios. Of course Obama did not want to apply the fairness doctrine at our schools, TV, and other social mediums dominated by liberals.

58. Green Energy / Climate Change – Obama believes climate change is more important than terrorism. Besides, it is still unbelievable to think that a majority of Americans are so brainwashed that they think money and renewables will thwart climate change. Liberals are winning this issue through propaganda and fear mongering.

59. Crime – Violent crime is at its highest level in most major cities in over 3 decades. This trend has been fueled by Obama’s anti-police rhetoric.

60. Criminals – Obama has released more prisoners than any other president. He has taken the box asking if the person is a criminal off federal job applications. He refers to juvenile delinquents as justice involved youth. If you want to curb gun crime we need to be harder on criminals, not more lenient.

61. Gun Control – Obama and Liberal proposals for gun control would not have stopped any of the mass shootings in the Obama era.

62. TSA – The TSA is a classic example of government failure. Despite spending billions to provide the agency with state of the art technology, they are still grossly negligent in doing their jobs.

63. Student Loans – The government now holds a monopoly over student loans. These are the same government financial institutions whose inept practices led to the financial meltdown in 2008.

64. Drug Use – Drug use under Obama has increased to its highest level ever. In fact, youth deaths due to drugs has the life expectancy rate decreasing for the first time.

65. Joe Biden – The biggest gaffe machine ever to be in the executive branch.

66. BP Oil Spill – This was the first major crisis Obama experienced and it truly brought to light his terrible leadership skills. For instance, he caved to environmentalists instead of letting the core of engineers do their job.

67. Nanny State – Many “big brother” or nanny state issues are carried out by the Obama such as NSA spying. Michelle Obama, for instance, created a school lunch program which dictates what kids can and cannot eat. Unfortunately, the program is very expensive and it is not as healthy as advertised.

68. Black Panther Party – The extremist group used intimidation at Philadelphia polling places and the DOJ decided not to pursue the case. 69. Fear Mongering – Step one of the Obama Doctrine to influence policy is to use fear mongering techniques. This is most commonly used with Climate Change – blaming earthquakes, forest fires, intensive storms, and even a lack of sex drive on global warming without any evidence.

70. Politicizing Events – Step two of the Obama Doctrine to influence policy is to politicize events. This is most commonly used immediately after a mass shooting to push for gun control.

71. Class Warfare – Step three of the Obama Doctrine to influence policy is to place a wedge between citizens using strategies such as the “war on women”, police crime on blacks, 1% versus the 99%, and white on black crime.

72. The Race Card – Step four of the Obama Doctrine to influence policy is to use whatever is necessary to win the argument including introducing the race card, deceit, lies, and changing the meaning of words. For instance, a common response by liberals to conservatives that object to Obama policies is that they are racist. Liberals are great at changing the meaning and nature of words such as “manmade disaster” instead of “terrorism” and the omission of “Muslim” from “Muslim Extremism”.

73. Political Correctness – Step five of the Obama Doctrine to influence policy is political correctness. Liberals get “offended” and “annoyed” very easily. This tactic is used often to win arguments or change the talking points. 74. China – Not only is China hacking government computers, they also have overtaken the US as the largest economy in the world.

75. Credit Rating – For the first time the US credit rating has been downgraded from an AAA rating.

76. Air Force One Photo Op – The low flying photo op of Air Force One over NYC caused a major panic of citizens on the ground fearing another 9/11 attack.

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