Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Beggar-In-Cheif

How low has the President stooped over the past several years (and I do not mean approval numbers)? He has evolved from whining, blaming, deceit, excuses, and lying to the lowest form or trait of liberalism – begging! Obama is begging people to sign up for ObamaCare on the campaign trail. Yes, Obama is no different than that person begging for money on a street corner. In fact, Obama is worse, because he is actually using taxpayer money and the media sensationalism to target and sell his abysmal law.

If healthcare is right, then why do people have to pay for it and why don’t people want to sign up for it? Because it is not a human right! People are expressing their right of freedom to choose and buy what they want. Rights are not something tangible, but something every person living in America is born with. The right of freedom to live their life anyway they see fit and the right to express their opinions openly and freely. Every person in the United States is afforded the same opportunity to use their rights to be what they want to be. Sure, some people face more adversity than others, but it how we deal with those adversities is what defines us. And usually people who overcome more adversity as a youth end up becoming the better person later in life and have a positive impact on society. Adversity is bad, but everyone who lives long enough will face it so it is imperative that people learn to deal with it in a positive matter. It is easy to give in or give up because times are tough, but winners will overcome and be better for it. That is what life is about; there is nothing easy in life if you are doing it right. Life is a challenge and good people continually push themselves to get better. A person should have the right be able to choose if they want to eat McDonalds every day, or if they want to buy healthcare from the ObamaCare system. A human right is the right to choose and unfortunately ObamaCare takes away human rights – people are losing their affordable plans, doctors, and hospitals of choice. ObamaCare is the antithesis of a human right.

How many CEO’s do you see making commercials begging people to try their product? If you have a good product you merely only have to show it is available and explain what it can do. People will buy the product – For example, Ipads, Iphones, computers, TVs, etc. Obama is begging because he is desperate simply since he’s selling a bad product. The commercials for ObamaCare have been worse because they are riddled with misinformation and bad storylines trying sell the product.

Sure, I believe the responsible thing for people to do is to have health insurance – but we do not need ObamaCare (thousands of pages of rules, regulations, and government control) for that to happen. I also do not believe in eating fast food or junk food, but that does mean I have the right to say others cannot choose this route.

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