Friday, January 16, 2015

The Fairness Inequality (Part II)

Obama has moved unilaterally to create fairness. First, one man’s opinion is hardly a consensus when we know a better decision can be made by many debating an issue. In fact, Executive action moves more power to the Presidency and works to create an imbalance in national power which is the opposite of what our founding fathers wanted. Secondly, Obama’s fairness of granting amnesty to millions of Hispanics is hardly fair to people who legally went through the immigration process; it is not fair to the people who will have to pay higher taxes to support the larger population; it is not fair to the border states that have to contain the increased flow of illegal immigrants; and it is not fair to the millions of immigrants who will be turned away to make room for the illegal immigrants.

Fairness is not equality. Justice is not fair as sentences rarely match the crime. Revenge and retribution for perceived inequality are not fair and are often too extreme. A good example of this is the killing of two NY police officers for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. In Ferguson Missouri dozens of businesses and the livelihood of hundreds of innocent citizens were destroyed by violence. In other words, perceived unfairness in society are generally countered with harsh measures creating chaos and an imbalance in society.

Radical extremists believe fairness is a world of only Muslims created by exterminating Jews and Christians.

Unfortunately, it takes a true injustice and unfair situation for people to realize their earlier actions in life were trivial and wrong. For example, once I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, I began to realize earlier perceived unfair treatment in life were trivial and for the most part within my control. And unfortunately, my solutions to the unfair treatment were wrong and too extreme. For this reason, I believe we are a nation of problem creators instead of problem solvers. Over the past decade, I have observed this behavior in many people and this is destroying our nation and ripping apart relationships and families as well as polarizing our country. I’ve seen the same transformation in Glenn Beck. This behavior change can be seen in the Gardner and Brown incidents. Both families of the victims have said these are not race related incidents and asked for peaceful protests. No trivial perceived unfairness can compare to their loss of life. It is only those people who have an axe to grind that see this an unfair situation affecting their situation in life. And of course it does not help that the media and liberals alike see these situations as an unfair treatment towards minorities and basically poured gas on a burning fire. Our President and Attorney General were also guilty of igniting these unfortunate deaths into a racial uproar. The fact is if we have to talk about race and gender and create fairness laws such as diversity and affirmative action, then we are basically saying women and minorities are not equal to white men. And we know that is not true.

The only way to have true fairness and equality in society is treat all people, groups, corporations, businesses, and organizations exactly the same. It seems simple, but we really do not understand this concept, especially politicians. If you fine one businesses CO2 output then you must do the same to every other person, group, organization, and business. Truly fair people would not want to be treated differently because of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or a disability.

Many aspects of life seem unfair. Profiling is one of those perceived unfair aspects of life. The DOJ recently wrote new profiling laws (which incidentally are not written fairly because the new laws do not cover TSA, Border Security, or local and state police). But is profiling unfair or a perceived unfair process? First, profiling is based on data which is more than likely a balanced and symmetrical Gaussian curve. Secondly, profiling is more than likely a perceived unfairness. For instance, profiling may occur to more African-Americans in highly populated areas with a higher percentage of African-American citizens in a high crime area. And profiling is more than likely going to happen to individuals that put themselves in a difficult situation such as being out late or being intoxicated. Hence, profiling is within the control of individuals – they can improve their situation and move, follow the law, and stay away from difficult situations. For instance, profiling of Hispanics only occurs after they break a law and put themselves in that situation. So profiling is not as “unfair” as many claim. If you do not want to be profiled do not do stupid and suspicious things and your chances will go down. Profiling is fair because it is all about commonsense for all parties involved – those that are doing the profiling and those that are being profiled. It is only when the profilers lose a sense of commonsense when it becomes unfair. What is truly unfair are innocent people dying because we are using random processes (chaos) to fight terrorism and crime because we want to be politically correct.

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