Friday, February 6, 2015

The Laws of Symmetry and Equilibrium (Part II)

Uniqueness and features may be symmetrical but in most instances uniqueness and features are not symmetrical. Our government uses or bases fundamental principles on uniqueness and features when writing laws, rules, regulations, and mandates and not symmetry. For instance, race and ethnicity is a uniqueness or feature of an individual, but it is not symmetry. Race and ethnicity is no different a feature of an individual than a person having green eyes, or big feet. DNA which consists of the chemical makeup of individuals is symmetrical, but the order of molecular strands within DNA is unique to each living organism. Therefore, diversity laws are not symmetrical, there may as well be a law yielding people with Morton’s Toe (second toe is longer than the big toe) reduced educational standards to enter college and be eligible for scholarships. After all, people with Morton’s Toe have a tougher time finding shoes that fit properly so they can concentrate during school. This sounds ridiculous because that is the effect of applying laws based on uniqueness or features instead of symmetry.

Gay marriage is interesting issue to consider. For a marriage law to have symmetry it should be inclusive of all people. However, doesn’t a relationship between two men or two women violate symmetry?

The concept of symmetry may sound harsh and pessimistic, but there has to be a balance within not only the universe, but within our society and lives. This is not a new concept, the Chinese had the yin and yang to explain dark and light; fire and water; life and death; and male and female. Every word has an opposite or antonym. In science there is the conservation of mass and energy. Every force in nature is opposed by an equal and opposite force. Electromagnetic forces have positive and negative polarity. Any event within the universe cannot be explained without having an opposite or antithesis force, energy, word, or action to force balance and equilibrium. Nothing makes sense without symmetry. For language to take place (make sense), the number of words used to communicate cannot be random, but must fit a line with a slope that is symmetrical. This also explains why music is symmetrical and repetitious in nature. In math for every operation there is an opposite operation (add/subtract, multiply/divide, square/square root, integrate/differentiate and so forth). Politics is defined by opposite parties and opposing views on complex issues. Analog is converted digital using devices that are symmetrical. Our Constitution attempts to balance or offset power to form a state of equilibrium. Humans, animals, and insects are symmetrical. Structures are made from shapes that are symmetrical.

It would be great if we lived in utopia where nothing bad ever happened. But if only good things happened such as no one died, eventually resources would dry up and this utopia would come to a cataclysmic end. There is no way to have anything good without an opposite bad component eventually happening.

Is this God’s plan to create a universe that is perfectly balanced scientifically so life can exist? Quite possibly; it is hard to imagine the universe and its formation without thinking a greater being was not involved. To consider that everything that takes place within this universe is perfectly balanced and life would not exist without that equilibrium, it is hard to imagine how something this perfect can be created.

Without symmetry there would be no universe or life. And if our government continues to violate the commonsense laws of symmetry they will destroy society.

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