Friday, August 7, 2015

Debate Proves Trump IS a Political Insider

I have written extensively about that there is little difference between most big corporate managers and politicians. Both corporate managers and politicians would do anything to better their career, power, and retirement accounts at the expense of the company and its employees and the American citizen respectively. Trump specifically points out several cases in the first Fox News debate how this is true.

First, Trump explains how the vicious cycle of money works in politics. He claims he donates money to every politician and expects favors at a later date – a kind of quid pro quo process of lobbying that is destroying this country. Trump may not live in DC, but he has millions of dollars in the pockets of DC politicians. This is no different than the sleazy politics of the Obama administration. Take the Solyndra or other green company scandals for instance. The politicians of these companies provided cash to the Obama administration in return for a larger sum of tax payer money in the Stimulus. The result: they went belly up costing the taxpayers billions while both parties lined their pockets, retirement accounts, and campaign accounts with millions of dollars. This is the vicious cycle of money through lobbying that is destroying this country, and Trump admittedly partakes.

Secondly, Trump went on to brag about how he uses loopholes in laws or tax codes to his advantage. When questioned about going into bankruptcy proceedings four times Trump explained how he took advantage of laws to better his company at the expense of taxpayers. Trump basically admitted he will stoop to any level to better himself and his company. As president can Trump be trusted to be a hypocrite and reform laws he has openly taken advantage of? I seriously doubt it!

Trump is no different than any other politician: an egomaniac narcissist willing to step on whomever gets in their way. Trump is a DC insider because he is connected at the hip with dirty politicians.

Forget that Trump was schooled during the primary. For instance, Rubio explained how it is not Mexicans coming across the U.S. border in droves, but Latin Americans. Forget the fact that Trump was shown as a non-Presidential joke every time he opened his mouth. I laugh at Trump the same way I laugh at Biden every time he opens his mouth – they both continually misspeak. Forget all these issues with Trump, and remember he is a political insider.

I suggest if you want to vote for political outsider consider Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina. Both seem much more polished and not the polarizing figure that Trump is. Trump will do more to divide the country than to bring us together to solve problems. If you are angry at the way things are going in this country; that does not mean you have to vote for a nut case in protest. There are plenty of good candidates that have a record of attacking the system head on. For example, Scott Walker, took on Unions in Wisconsin and won. Trump is a farce and may be just as sleazy as Obama and his Chicago style politics.

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