Friday, September 11, 2015

What Really Matters to Liberals

Black lives matter, if and only if, they are killed by a white person, especially a white police officer. Other than that all other lives do not matter: black on black crime, police officers shot in the line of duty, citizens attacked by illegal immigrants, aborted babies, and so forth simply do not matter.

Planned Parenthood matters even if they have broken the law using federal funding for campaign contributions or selling aborted fetuses without consent.

The first amendment and free speech matter only if you agree with their opinions.

Political correctness and being offended easily matters to avoid debate over issues.

The murder of Americans by guns only matters for political reasons to push gun control.

Using the race card matters to avoid debate and to divide and polarize Americans over ethnicities for political purposes.

The war on women debate matters to divide and polarize Americans over gender for political gains.

Changing the meaning or adding new definitions to words matter to win debates.

Negotiating with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism matters.

Protesting violently matters to make a point and garner attention.

Climate change matters because fear mongering is a useful tool to polarize and divide the public for political purposes.

Green energy matters because it proves propaganda and brainwashing are useful tools for political gains.

Blaming others and taking credit for others success matters because it is a useful tool to win debates.

Islam and atheist matter but other religions do not matter.

Most lives may not matter but their taxes matter.

Welfare matters even though it has done nothing to correct poverty.

Hypocrisy matters if they can get their neighbors for believe and fight for their causes.

Individual accountability and responsibility do not matter so long as they defend their causes.

Narcissism and not admitting to mistakes matters.

Getting annoyed and being a problem creator and not a problem solver matter – after all, having the know how to negotiate and solve problems would bring unity.

Understanding only one side of problem or issue matter.

Pretending to understand math and science does matter to mask incompetence.

Hating corporations and loving the government matter.

Expecting the government to intervene in our way of life matters even at the cost of our freedoms.

Bullying matters so long as it not done to them.

Race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio economic status matter to put labels on citizens to divide and conquer for political gains.

Perceived fairness matter equality does not matter.

Politicizing events matters so long as it defends their goals and objectives.

Lying at all costs matters to defend the cause.

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