Monday, October 12, 2015

Who is Politicizing Benghazi?

Who is actually politicizing Benghazi? The media and Democrats are saying Republicans are politicizing the Benghazi attack by focusing their investigation on Hillary Clinton. They make it sound as if it is a witch hunt and there is no need to investigate the attack on the U.S. embassy that killed 4 Americans including the Ambassador. The truth of matter is that both the media and Democrats are also politicizing the Benghazi issue by only telling half-truths. It is probably true that Republicans want to destroy Hillary Clinton and that is there focus during this election season. Democrats would do the same to any Republican front runner under investigation for ties to some cover up. Kevin McCarthy’s gaffe is probably partially true, but truth be told, what is really hurting Hillary’s poll numbers is her email scandal and not so much Benghazi. When Clinton left the State Department her favorable ratings were high.

To add fuel to the media and Democrat storyline, a former staffer, Bradley Podliska, working on the Benghazi committee resigned claiming the focus is to destroy Hillary Clinton. Democrats of course moved to kill the committee but that failed.

I was in the car driving this past weekend and heard several different accounts of this news story by NPR, CBS, and NBC radio. They made it sound as if the sole purpose of the committee is to destroy Hillary Clinton and that there was no need for any investigation. Wow, really? The American public has yet to be told the true story of what happened on that day and there are dozens of important questions that need to be answered. What the media and Democrats do not tell you is that Podliska believes the families of those killed in the attack deserve answers, but he believes the focus should not just be on Clinton, but expanded to include other departments. Podliska never said the committee was on witch hunt and believes the committee is necessary. It just needs a wider focus to answer some questions such as:

Why where talking points changed to lie to the American public to cover up that Benghazi was a terrorist attack? Who changed the talking points and why? Why did Democrats politicize this event, cover up the truth, and blame a man (Nakaula) who made a film called “the Innocence of Muslims”? Why weren’t reinforcements sent to help those under attack at the embassy? Who gave the stand down order, which was essentially a death sentence for those under attack? Where was Obama when all this went down? Why didn’t the state department improve security as the situation deteriorated over time? Why is the Hillary response to the attack – “What does it matter”?

Actually, if the Democrats did not politicize the Benghazi attack and were truthful and transparent from the beginning then we would not be in the situation we are in today. If the media covered the story and really tried to get answers then we would not be in the situation we are in today. In other words, if the Democrats and media had not tried to cover up the story and protect Hillary Clinton, then there would be no need for a committee trying to find out the truth. Democrats and the media only have themselves to blame that Republicans are politicizing Benghazi and focusing on their darling Hillary Clinton. If Clinton did not feel she is the next President waiting then there would not be a need for the committee to focus on Clinton. The bottom line is that everyone is responsible for politicizing Benghazi – Clinton, Democrats, the Media, and now Republicans.

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