Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why I Will Vote For Trump in the General Election

I do not like it, but I will vote for Trump in the general election over Clinton or Sanders. These have got to be the 3 most flawed candidates in election history making it a sad state of affairs for this nation. Trump is the biggest narcissist, Sanders the most socialistic, and Clinton the biggest criminal and liar.

I do not buy the fact that many claim Trump is an outsider. He is merely the guy sitting at opposite ends of the negotiating table (lobbying) from politicians lining their pockets with money with the intent of getting something in return. This is the biggest form of corruption in Washington these days and it is destroying our country.

Let’s face facts, Trump is obnoxious. A child persona disguised in a man’s body who likes to throw insults at anyone who does not agree with him. This is far from Presidential behavior. I loathe listening to Trump’s non-substantive nonsense. But it is not much easier listening to the words of Sanders and Clinton bashing 1% of the population and calling the other 99% victims.

Sure, I could vote for a third party candidate. However, most of them may not be much better. I could never vote for Bloomberg if he runs, he is the king of the nanny-state and more government intrusion. I heard Jim Webb may run as an independent and he would certainly be a better choice than the circus that is Sanders, Clinton, Trump or Bloomberg. However, a vote for a person other than Trump would certainly help Sanders, Clinton, or Bloomberg win and we cannot have that. I would much rather have Trump and some of his conservative views over socialism and progressivism. For instance, Trump will place a conservative on the Supreme Court, the others would not. And this may be the biggest issue facing the country at this time, replacing Justice Scalia. If Scalia is replaced with a liberal, then religious freedom, gun rights, and other Constitutional rights will most certainly go away or push further Left. I also view Trump’s business background as a huge plus over the other candidates for dealing with the economy. Trump’s persona has also put political correctness out of the limelight and that is another big plus and yes, refreshing. I believe Trump is smart enough to surround himself with the best conservative minds to do the job. Trump definitely thinks he is great, but deep down he understands his limitations even if he would not admit to it.

There are definitely more positives in a Trump presidency over the others. He is easily the lesser of the Evils. That is not saying much, but that is the deck we have been dealt. Hopefully, the Republican Party will heal from this brutal primary season and coalesce around the nominee no matter how flawed he is.

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