Sunday, February 18, 2018

Russia's Plan is Working to Perfection

With the indictment of 13 Russian trolls, it is now obvious that the goal of the Russia meddling during the 2016 election or any election is to try to create as much chaos as possible. They do not care so much as to who wins, what they want to accomplish is hysteria, chaos, and unrest. And their plan is working and Americans and the media are playing right into their narrative. This is what we have learned thus far:

1. The Democratic National Committee (DNC), Hillary Clinton, and Christopher Steele were played. The bought phony information that was made up by Steele contacts within Russia to give the appearance of collusion by the Trump campaign or worse yet, criminal activity to change the outcome of the election. Clinton, the DNC, and Steele most likely agreed with the information in the Trump dossier without corroborating it and then leaked it to law enforcement (FBI and DOJ) as well as the media. Since Steele had a good reputation the FBI, DOJ, and media also thought the information was factual. Most of the information was corroborated by a Yahoo article, but Steele was the source for that article. So, the Trump dossier was never corroborated. Russia was merely trying to create chaos, hysteria, and unrest and they succeeded. Americans and the media are more polarized than ever before. The DOJ and FBI broke the law to obtain FISA warrants to monitor Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page, to gain access to the campaign. The Obama administration also unmasked Trump campaign workers without any good reason. Over half of the country is in a panic, and not because of Russian meddling, but because Trump in President.

2. Why have there not been any indictments for the breach of DNC emails released by Assange during the election? The DNC claims Russians did this, yet there have been no indictments. The best the Muller council can do is indict 13 low level Russians who spend maybe a million dollars to play both sides. This low-level activity is not going to affect too many votes.

3. Russia bought ads on Facebook and social media for the same goal: create chaos in the American election system. Once again, the amount spend seems to be low but like most Americans, social media was played.

4. Russia meddling plays both sides (Republicans and Democrats) to generate unrest.

5. There is no link to the Manafort and Flynn indictments to election meddling.

6. There is no Trump collusion or obstruction at this time, but there appears to be plenty of Democrat, DNC, FBI, and DOJ collusion and obstruction in the election process.

The bottom line is that Russia is laughing about how gullible and how easy it was to manipulate Clinton, the DNC, the media, the DOJ, and the FBI. I do not believe they thought in their wildest dreams that folks would dislike Trump so much that they would do anything to end his presidency including breaking the law and publishing dozens of fake news stories. Russia may not have changed the outcome of an election, but they were very successful in creating unrest, chaos, and hysteria. What is even more troubling is that tens of millions of Americans are too dumb to realize when media propaganda and false narratives are brainwashing them. This polarizing of the electorate will work to the Russians advantage during the next election since it will be easier to manipulate how Americans vote. So far, the Muller investigation has not turned over too much Russian interference, but it obvious it has created a lot of hysteria and chaos. One can come to this conclusion just by watching 5 minutes of CNN and MSBC or spending 5 minutes on Social Media. The country has gone simply insane.

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