Monday, February 17, 2014

BFS and Wrestling

Below is a link to a letter I wrote to Intermat regarding creating wrestling opportunities for Paralympics and military veterans with PTSD or other injuries.  My post is at the bottom of the page under Comment of the Week – I am Patrick B. My point is that wrestling is therapeutic for people with just about any disorder. Intermat is one of the leading wrestling websites reporting on youth, high school, college, and international wrestling.


Anyone interested in having their child attend a wrestling camp offered by Zach Flake can refer to the below link or email me. If Zach can help me and make me a better wrestler – He can help anyone (Hopefully the camp is up and running next year). Zach is also a licensed white water river guide and can take wrestlers and their families down the Arkansas River. Nothing like training at 8000 feet to make athletes better conditioned.

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