Monday, February 24, 2014

Practice What You Preach!

For the most part I do not care what a person believes. My problem is that most people do not practice what they believe. We are a nation of hypocrites and a nation of people who are completely unaware of their actions. I believe well over 90% of people do not practice what they preach. Instead, they insist that their neighbors and corporations comply with their beliefs.

I try to practice what I preach in life. Sure, like most people, I find myself at times contradicting myself and being a hypocrite. However, I am trying to be self-aware to correct these shortcomings.

For instance, I do not believe in welfare. Today, over 80% of the people alive will take more federal subsidies than they will put into the system. A big reason for this is due to the fact people are living longer. I believe people who take more out of the system then they put in are a burden on society. I will not be one of these people. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to this. They criticize welfare but take advantage of government subsidies such as “cash for clunkers”. They take unemployment and social security because they paid into the system. That may be true, but these people will be up in arms if the government changed the rules on them – lowered wages for these programs, reduced time to be on these programs and or raised the age requirement.

I qualify for disability and paid into that system, but I do not partake. I qualify for unemployment, but will never accept a single unemployment check. I qualified for a PELL grant in college, but I paid that money back with interest. I live in constant pain but I do not feel the government should subsidize funding to find a cure for my ailment. It is a certainty that anyone else with my disorder would take what the government would give them.

Nobody is a bigger hypocrite than liberals. They preach renewable energies so long as they are not in their back yard. They want to place carbon taxes on corporations but they will not place the same standards on their lives. In fact, they preach higher taxes on others, but not on themselves.

Our government passes laws that do not apply to them. While most Americans are taxed for social security, most government workers do not partake in the system. Instead, they are guaranteed some high priced pensions that are paid for by taxpayers. Congress voted to exclude themselves from having to partake in ObamaCare. These are just a few examples.

People are narcissistic and hence, greedy by nature. Unfortunately, this trend is getting worse in younger adults. They are the generation of entitlement and owed money just for living and doing nothing practical for society. They believe in getting more for less work. They are for the most part carbon emitting oxygen thieves. This attitude will doom America.

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