Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Political Equality Versus Political Correctness

We live in the day and age of political correctness and this has taken the place of political equality. Most believe political correctness is political equality, but they are flat out wrong. Here are some political correctness policies that have stymied equality and pushed this country further into mediocrity:

Diversity policies that push gender, ethnicity or any other type of demographic is not equality, it is prejudicial. Over the past 50 years there have been literally thousands of diversity policies carried out by universities, companies, and our local, state, and federal governments. These policies have only created a state of mediocrity in this country. Title IX is a perfect example of how a law can destroy so many good things such as a majority of male athletic programs.

The “race card” is another form of political correctness which is nothing more than an excuse or to falsely blame others for a political issue.

Most congressional policies do not adhere to political equality. That is why laws are 3000 pages long. Those groups with the lobbying power get political favoritism. Both sides of the isle of guilty of this. For instance, congress and the President are continually picking winners and losers in the corporate world and this is not political equality. The Obama stimulus was loaded with pork to award green companies that contributed to his campaign. How is that political equality?

There are other ways political correctness is being used to create policies. For instance laws, rules, and regulations are being created by people who have not been in the business. For example, educational common core policies have been written by bureaucrats – none of which have ever been involved in the educational system. It is believed that the na├»ve law writer will be less prejudicial and create fairer laws for all when in fact they write very prejudicial laws that incorporate political correctness and not political equality.

Both sides of the isle are guilty of a technique called fear mongering. Fear mongering is used mostly as propaganda to brain wash citizens in to believing one side of the debate. Politicians have learned that citizens will agree with the side of the debate that uses the most fearful or cataclysmic argument. In time, these citizens will not even listen to the other side of the argument, hence there is no more political equality in the debate.

It seems most are in agreement that everyone who participates in an activity should be rewarded. They claim that it creates equality for all. I disagree completely because someone being rewarded for not studying or training for the event makes little sense. Meanwhile, what is the incentive for the person to train or study harder when they are only treated the same as a participant? Preparation for events is not necessary equal. Therefore, this type of policy only promotes mediocrity.

Political correctness is destroying our country! It is time to start implementing political equality again. Equality is when people are judged on their performance and their character and not on their gender, ethnicity, or what company they work for.

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