Monday, January 30, 2017

Extreme Vetting: Refugees versus Adopting Parents

Why is it easier for a foreigner to become a United States citizen than for someone to adapt a baby? Why is it easier for a refugee to enter the United States than it is for someone to adopt a baby? Why is extreme vetting of potential parents okay but it is not okay to use extreme vetting purposes for refugees or immigrants? If it is considered a discriminatory act to have a “ban on Muslims” via temporary extreme vetting on immigrants from 7 nations (about 10% of Muslim population – and by the way these countries were identified by the Obama administration including a temporary ban from Iraq) then what about babies living in non-loving orphanages or foster homes? Maybe if such extreme vetting measures were not necessary to adopt a child then maybe there would be less of need for abortion? Of course, that is it, the Left does not want to lose its misguided feminism argument. If it were easier to adopt a child then that would be another narrative in the war on women (taking away reasons for having an abortion). If it takes several years to prove parents are acceptable to raise a child then maybe it is not that unreasonable to expect a few extra days or weeks to determine if a refugee is not a threat to our nation.

If the goal is to keep every adopted child safe from potentially abusive parents, then the goal should also be to keep our nation safe from abusive immigrants or refugees (Think of the horrific crimes committed by refugees in Germany). If the goal is to ensure every adopted child is loved unconditionally, then it should be expected that immigrants and refugees love the United State unconditionally.

If Chuck Schumer wants to cry over “mean spirited” actions by our federal government then maybe he should not look any further than our adoption policies.

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