Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Over 100 Failures of the Obama Presidency (Part II)

26. Intelligence – Because Obama kills and never captures any terrorists, intelligence garnered from enemy combatants is severely lacking to fight terrorism.

27. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques – Obama ended this practice and with it, it essentially ended the practice of intelligence gathering to fight terrorists - even though the bin Laden killing was a result of information garnered from this practice.

28. Boston Bombings – This terrorist attack could have been prevented, but the intelligence agencies botched it. To date no corrective action to prevent another event like this from happening has been implemented.

29. NSA – Obama has expanded the Bush program to collect data on American citizens (spy).

30. Spying – Obama was caught spying on our allied leaders.

31. Enemy Combatants – The Obama / Holder DOJ has given terrorists rights equal to American citizens. Unfortunately, these rights are better than those rights given to military personnel accused of wrong doing (they get a military tribunal).

32. Civil Rights – Obama routinely called out the Bush administration for civil rights violations for its enhanced interrogation technique program. But Obama routinely kills terrorists, including the first to kill an American, without any due process.

Domestic Policy

33. Stimulus – Obama’s stimulus failed to create jobs and in fact, created more waste as companies such as Solyndra went belly up. The stimulus was about picking winners and losers in the green energy market based on a quid pro quo system. Companies that contributed to the Obama campaign got stimulus funding, and those that did not conform, did not get funding.

34. ObamaCare – The law has been a failure on so many levels: people have lost their insurance; insurance costs are rising faster than ever; people have lost their doctors; state coops are failing at high rates; people without insurance is still a high percentage of the population; the program expense has already gone over forecast; and the law levies hidden taxes on Americans.

35. Economy – The workforce is smaller than it has been in decades; a high percentage of the employed are working part-time and are underemployed; the median household income is still lower than it was over a decade ago; the poverty rate has increased and the disparity between rich and poor is greater than ever; and economic growth has been below average.

36. Workfare – Obama removed the requirement to include work for people receiving welfare (decided under Clinton). Obama’s vision of America is clear: to reward irresponsibility and unaccountability and punish accountable and responsible citizens.

37. Disability – Disability is the fastest growing profession in the United States under Obama. Disability payrolls have more than doubled in his tenure. Unfortunately, there is a very high rate of fraud that is responsible for the dramatic increase.

38. Welfare – The number of Americans receiving some form of welfare in the form of a government subsidy has more than doubled under Obama’s watch.

39. Czars – The administration employed dozens of czars who have control of budgets but have no Congressional oversight. What’s worse, a plurality of the czars are socialists and or communists with extreme views.

40. School Vouchers – Obama killed the DC school voucher plan and then the hypocrite sent his daughters to private school in DC. 41. Dodd / Frank – The massive legislation to reform the financial community fails to fix government entities responsible for the financial collapse (Freddie Mac and Frannie Mae). It also fails to fix the “to big to fail” component of the industry leading to massive bailouts at the taxpayers expense.

42. Lobbying – Lobbying has grown in Washington to record levels under Obama. Also, Obama immediately broke his campaign promise of not allowing any lobbyists into his administration.

43. Executive Action – Obama has moved unilaterally and bypassed congress on many important issues such as immigration.

44. Humanitarian Crisis – Obama’s executive order immigration policy created a crisis as hundreds of thousands of illegal alien children crossed the southern border.

45. Debt – Obama has added more debt to the US economy than the previous 43 Presidents.

46. Deficits – Obama likes to talk about how deficits are decreasing, but they are still at historic highs.

47. GDP – Gross Domestic Product gains under the Obama recovery have been anemic.

48. Auto Bailouts – The auto bailouts failed to prevent the auto companies from entering into bankruptcy. And it was the restructuring that occurred during bankruptcy which is what eventually saved the companies (not the auto bailouts).

49. Taxes – Obama has added more taxes on every American. He increased federal taxes and his ObamaCare taxes are legendary (the mandate to purchase insurance was deemed as a tax by the Supreme Court to save the law).

50. Keystone Pipeline – Obama has refused to pursue energy independence and create thousands of jobs when he vetoed this project.

51. EPA – The EPA has been the most intrusive branch of the government levying hundreds of regulations against companies. In fact, a great number of Obama’s Supreme Court loses are due to the EPA overreaching its powers.

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