Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative Freedoms

As the election season kicks off, it is easy to see the difference between liberal freedoms and rights as compared to conservatives. Conservatives want individuals to control their own freedoms and rights. Conversely, liberals candidates are competing to be the most socialistic candidate for the 2016 election. And therefore, they say a lot of nice things such as offering “free” stuff – healthcare, housing, food, education, and so forth and so on. But anyone with a brain can see through this.

First, nothing is “free” and someone has to pay for it. Who is paying for it? Companies and individuals through higher taxes. In fact, in true socialism, all companies are run by the government and all properties are confiscated by the government. Conservatives call this thievery while liberals call this a tax.

Secondly, anything “free” is run and controlled by the central government. That means all schools, homes, food, and healthcare are controlled by the federal government. To some, that sounds refreshing to do away with private property, private schools, mass produced foods, insurance companies and all companies in general. But is “free” really freedom and a protector of our rights? Absolutely not! Liberals are first to want to break up any corporate monopolies, but the government is already the biggest monopoly in this country for so many businesses – healthcare for the old, student loans, home loans, etc. And what liberals want is for the government to be a monopoly over all products and services offered in this country.

How do government monopolies destroy our freedoms and rights? Well, first of all, it would eliminate our choices. There will be one size that fits all for healthcare, education, housing, food and so forth. When choice is eliminated with brainwashing and propaganda, socialism eliminates the most important freedom we have: the freedom to think for ourselves; the freedom to pursue and practice what we want; and the freedom to make choices that are best for us.

In essence, under socialism, people will not have any freedoms or rights. The government will dictate a one size fit all policy for every American. The government will take away our need for a brain – Education curriculum will consist of brainwashing material to get everyone on board. History books will eliminate the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, because they are no longer relevant.

I find this very scary and the number of people that can support Bernie Sanders is mind blowing. Anyone can get on a stage and offer free stuff, but not everyone can tell you how they intend to pay for it. No question Bernie plans on confiscating wealth, but where will he draw the line?

In the narcissistic generation of social media, it appears more and more people expect to work little while intending to take advantage of free things offered by the federal government. This is not sustainable, look at Greece and many European countries that are financially collapsing.

I receive dozens of spam messages each day that says I should take advantage of the Obama administrations healthcare, education, and housing subsidies. They may be phishing, but they know people expect our President to hand out free things. And what’s worse, we expect to get things for free without putting forth any effort. It is a sad state of affairs for our country.

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